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A Meaningful Journey from Bean to Brew

As the sunlight peeks through the window and you begin brewing the morning’s first cup, you’ll see Volcan de Fuego’s story inscrolled in steam as you patiently pour from the pot to the mug. You’ll be transported back to the volcanic highlands of Guatemala where the mineral-rich soil rests, protecting and cultivating a peerless bean in the historic Central American farmland. Take that first sip, savor the sensations – and now, you’re part of Volcan de Fuego’s special story.

The Cast of Characters

Our cherished farmers lie at the heart of our story. Without the partnership and familial ties that we’ve established with the hardworking individuals sowing and reaping in their rural economy, there would be no passion behind our product.

Being socially responsible and globally engaged starts with the individual who harvests a single bean, and ends with the consumer who cradles their cup. We are all in this together, so when you take in the aroma that carries you to the inviting ambiance of a faraway farm, consider the source, the support, and the shared agricultural methods that make every sip of Volcan de Fuego a connection to a culture.

The Sublime Setting

While you are seated at your kitchen table enjoying the flavor and finesse, close your eyes and conjure up the image of a farm nestled in the mesmerizing cloud forest of Guatemala. 7,000 feet above the sea and nearby an active volcano, the atmosphere is nothing short of otherworldly, the soil fertile, and the shade of the cacao-trees cooling and comforting. Here is where a dream was born, surrounded by nature’s beauty, benefitting from the potassium-rich land, and brought to the next level by the caring hands who handle the harvest.

The Bean at Its Best

The beauty of the bean is what leads to your fine cup of coffee. Paired with the suitability of the surroundings and the hard and heartfelt work of the farmers, the beloved beans are what make Volcan de Fuego coffee so delectably unique.

Chemical- and pesticide-free, these Arabica Typica Anticuus coffee beans are generations old, imported from Spain in 1885. Never altered genetically or hybridized with another seed, the original taste and texture of our single estate coffee has been maintained until today.

Ripe and robust beans processed in a 100% water-powered facility leads to a pure and perfect cup every time. This micro-batch method is important to us, as we wish to stand out as much as we stand for responsible and rewarding coffee making.

Fresh. Flavorful. Fuego. When you care about where your coffee comes from, how it all began, and where it’s going, count on the caring culture at Volcan de Fuego. The experience is enlightening, the feeling fulfilling, and the taste untouchable. Share in supporting a rural community while you delight in coffee that is so much more than just a drink - it’s a dedication to doing something good for mankind and keeping the legacy of this treasured land alive.