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At Volcán de Fuego, There’s More Behind The Bean

Purity Promised

We understand that coffee is a large part of your daily life. That's why we ensure our pristine beans are nurtured using organic farming methods, and are never touched by chemicals or pesticides.

Remembering Our Roots

Our story begins with our treasured producers. Without their hard work and dedication to the soil, we wouldn't have the incredible beans that we wake up to each morning.

Nurturing a Legacy

Our Arabica Typica Anticuus coffee beans bear the same exquisite taste and texture as they did generations ago. First planted in 1855, our beans represent a 160 year commitment to quality you can taste in every cup.

Cultivating Connection

With thousands of smiling customers, we foster a system of support that connects each one of you with the land and the people that have dedicated their lives to producing the perfect cup.

Patience. Passion. Prosperity.

These elements are the driving forces behind the robust, nuanced flavors of Volcán de Fuego.

Coffee field

On the southern slopes of the Volcán de Fuego volcano in Guatemala, our producers work within a 2-square mile area among the volcanic ash, carefully planting and tending to each seed using methods passed down through six generations.

Without this high-altitude climate and the unrelenting patience of our producers, the untouched Arabica Antiquus genus would not thrive. The world would lose one of the rarest coffees, and never again taste its distinctive flavor that boasts undertones of chocolate, citrus, and spices.

The enduring passion of Fernando Rodriguez, his family, and producers like them keep this magical corner of the volcano flourishing, and protect it from the invasion of a hybridized seed that lacks both history and purity.

Social Impact

From seed, to production, to sale, we partner with our producers every step of the way to ensure sustainability for their crop and stability for their families.

Coffee field

Face-to-Face with Our Producers

Our relationship with our producers is far from ‘strictly business.’ They are our family. We work alongside them, sharing the burden and risks required to produce great coffee. We don’t just fly down every so often to visit the farm. We have boots on the ground working with the producing families every single day, weaving their stories and experiences into the very fabric of every cherry. We understand the day-day-day struggles our producers endure and fight alongside them to protect their livelihoods, and the environment handed down through generations.

That’s why we trade directly, and do everything in our power to put our producers first, rewarding them for their dedication and hard work year after year.

By reinvesting in seedlings, sharing in the cost of production, and investing in plant husbandry education for our producers, we aim to provide a better cup for you, and a thriving future for them.

Fair Wages for a Sure Future

Our producers face many challenges. Potential natural disasters and disease threaten their crop, and sudden market fluctuations can jeopardize the wellbeing of their families. No season is the same as the next, and planning year to year is nearly impossible.

That’s why we don’t just pay our producers a one-time market price and go on our way. They receive a share of the profits, providing them with a stable income year after year and the financial freedom to save for their family’s future. Our fully-integrated supply chain and local processing facility have eliminated the middlemen and maximized the profit our producers receive.

Coffee been
Social Impact

Social Impact

Without our producers, our business wouldn’t exist.

We believe in providing more than just profit for our producer families who work tirelessly to keep our company breathing. Without hesitation, we pour a portion of our revenue directly back into the Guatemalan villages in which we work, fortifying the infrastructure, improving education, and creating health projects that directly impact the citizens within the community.

Volcán de Fuego is committed to creating a bright future for all through sustainable business practices and true partnership with producing communities.