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AeroPress Brew Guide

Immersion makes for an excellent cuppa Joe. Rich, robust, remarkable. The process is unique and the results are unbelievable - never bitter, always balanced. You may never use your coffee pot again when you experience coffee made with AeroPress. And when Volcán de Fuego grounds fill the vessel, it’s a match made in coffee heaven.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • AeroPress
  • AeroPress paper filters
  • Kettle
  • Grinder

Alrighty, AeroPress...
let’s create a cup of coffee like none other.


As a starting point, we recommend using 350 grams of neutral-tasting filtered water and 25 grams of coffee (a 14:1 ratio). You will also need a few ounces of water to rinse the filter, preheat the brewer, and your cup. We will use this 14:1 ratio in the instructions in this Brew Guide, but feel free to adjust the ratio to suit your preferred strength. The perfect cup awaits!


Slip a round AeroPress filter into the removable AeroPress cap. Fits in perfectly.


Take a couple of drops of your boiling water and wet the filter in the cap. Make sure the entire filter is wet...but don’t overpour. Let it saturate to the edges.


Put the AeroPress together as instructed. Just a few clicks and snaps and you’re good to go. It’s super simple.


Weigh your AeroPress empty to tare the weight.


Pour in your Volcán de Fuego coffee grounds and check the weight. Do this carefully and neatly so you don’t lose any grounds.


Now it’s time to add the hot water. For 15 grams of ground coffee, use 30 grams of water. Essentially, double the water for the weight of the grounds. Be sure all grounds are covered completely in water.


Set the timer for 30 seconds and allow the grounds and water mixture to settle.


Now pour the rest of your hot water into the AeroPress.


Set the timer for 60 seconds and stir the grounds in the hot water.


Screw on the AeroPress cap and tighten securely. Flip the AeroPress and place on the brew vessel firmly, holding it down. Use a decent amount of pressure to keep it in place. As the immersion process takes place, your coffee will be brewed to completion. Listen for that telltale sound, like air is whistling through.


Unfasten the cap and take off the filter. You’ll see a firm wad of coffee grounds you’ll plop out.


Grab your mug, pour your perfect cup, and sit back to savor every sip.

AeroPress is easy to clean and great for travel. It’s an innovative way to experience our beans, so go ahead and get brewing!

Pour your coffee and enjoy.

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