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French Press Brew Guide

French press perfection in 4 minutes flat. This bean is the best part of breakfast, and this method is magical. Press your way to new coffee possibilities.

Brewing coffee by way of French press is nothing short of a mouthwatering masterpiece. The tempting taste is unique and the process is perfect – when done well, of course.

And that is why this easy-to-follow go-to guide is a gift to you, so you can brilliantly brew your Volcán de Fuego coffee exactly as intended and reap the rewards of a hot cup of heaven. It takes a little practice, but that is the very best part...drinking all that Volcán de Fuego until you’ve got it down pat. Here is a step-by-step guide for what you will need and what you must do to make fabulous and flavorful French press coffee. Press and presto!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • Scale
  • Timer
  • Mug
  • Stir Stick

Follow the seven must-do steps below for fantastic French press coffee made like a master.
Bring out your budding barista and brew like nobody’s business!


Fill your kettle with water and heat until boiling.


Grind your Volcán de Fuego coffee beans - not too fine like espresso, this method takes a coarser grind. About 30 grams should be great for a 17 oz. French press. Measure the weight of the grounds on your scale if you are not sure how much you have.


Consider the amount of coffee as compared to the amount of water in your French press. A 1 to 12 ratio is what is generally recommended for the best balance and texture.


Set the fresh coffee grounds in your French press and add some water (not all!) - about double the volume of the grounds. Give this preliminary coffee-water mixture a few swirls with your stirrer or spoon and set the kitchen timer for 30 seconds while the mixture blooms.


Now fill the French press with the rest of your boiling water and cover securely with the lid. Set your timer for four full minutes before “taking the plunge.” Don’t rush the process - the deliciousness is in the details.


Press the French press filter as far down as it will go.


Now it is finally time to enjoy your French press coffee. Bring out the coffee mugs, pour out your plentiful portions, and serve it piping hot right away. Freshness is best when it comes to French press enjoyment. Letting the coffee sit too long in the press changes the flavor and finesse. But really, who could wait anyhow? Whether you take it black or with cream and sugar, you will definitely notice how a French press fine tunes the flavor and tickles your taste buds with a brew that can’t be beat.

So smooth, soothing, and sophisticated, French press brewing is a beautiful way to bring the taste of Volcán de Fuego coffee to a new level of luxury. It takes a few extra minutes, but the work is worth the wait. Enjoy your brew and share the all-senses experience with someone who loves coffee as much as you do. You can surely spare a splash, can’t you?

Drink it. Quick!

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